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Female: Morositax
Reversal: (animal cookies x do-si-dos)
Lineage: 60% indica -40% sativa
Flowering: 8-9 weeks
Harvest: 600-650 gr/mq
THC level: up to 30%


After many searches we have found a perfect companion for our queen. (Animal Cookies x Do-si-dos),selected by @deltabotanics,adds quality to Morositax: extremely dense flowers,reduces the number of leaves and further darkens the colours,to reach almost absolute black.
Its aroma is intense but effervescent, sweet but fizzy...and with notes of biscuit that add satiety, an incredible mix that gives life to a terpene profile and a unique effect of its kind.
It has a strong apical dominance and prefers a substrate with not too high nutrient levels.


PriceFrom €30.00